Storm Shelters

Concrete storm shelters offer the most shelter for your money and the best warranty in the industry. Our shelters carry a 10-Year Warranty. Our storm shelters are reinforced with fiber as well as steel rebar and poured to exceed 6000 p.s.i.

Call Red Dirt for your price on the following models:

  Large Slope-Top

6’ X 8’ X 6’2” 
  Jumbo Slope-Top

6’8” X 10’ X 6’2”


5’ X 7’ X 6’2”

Jumbo Flat-Top*

6’8” X 10’ X 6’2”

*Often installed in the garage floor prior to pouring the foundation.






Decorative Slope-Top shelters available in various stamped and colored designs!

Maintenance Tips for Your Storm Shelter

After the first few rains following installation, it is normal for dirt to settle
considerably around the unit. We recommend packing more dirt in the
settled area. Additionally, to extend the life of the steel door hinges, it
is recommended to lubricate them twice per year.



safe rooms

Safe rooms are available in metal or concrete, custom built to
meet your needs. Sizes from 4' x 4' to 8' x 8' or custom built.

*Visit our showroom on Waterloo Road in Edmond to see
models of our storm shelters and safe rooms!






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