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Continuing Maintenance

As Oklahoma’s most trusted septic service company, Red Dirt Septic is proud to offer service availability 7 days a week!

Welcome! If you have landed on this page, it is likely because you own a home with a septic system and would like to have it maintained. With a little attention, septic systems can be painless and care-free, and we would like to help you keep it that way. Red Dirt Septic provides the recommended semi-annual maintenance for all aerobic systems with our Continuing Maintenance Agreement (CMA). You can review the continuing maintenance checklist below to see the services and benefits you will receive on our CMA. To enroll, complete the online form and follow the prompts. If you are new to our continuing maintenance program, someone from our office will contact you to set up your initial appointment.
Once again, welcome and thank you for choosing Red Dirt Septic for all your septic needs.

Best Regards,
Red Dirt Septic

Your Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Service Will Include:

  • Add chlorine in pump tank
  • Replace air diffuser in ATU
  • Clean media, when applicable
  • Clean aerator filter
  • Test photocell, timer, alarms & floats
  • Adjust floats, if needed
  • Test sprinkler spray and check spray pattern
  • Check lid locks and risers
  • Break up scum in the clarifier in Aerobic Treatment Unit
  • Check odor and turbidity in ATU
  • Check water clarity in pump tank
  • Record depth of scum and sludge in tanks
  • Check aeration and spray systems operation
  • Determine if pumping of the system is required
  • 50% off all service call fees
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY