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Well & Septic Inspections

Well and septic inspections have become critical components of real estate transactions where on-site systems are in use.  Along with an increased awareness among real estate professionals of the need for these inspections, has been the expansion of home inspectors who add these inspections to their menu of services.  Last year, after following up behind numerous misdiagnosed inspections by these inexperienced inspectors, we concluded that buyers and sellers of properties deserved better.

At Red Dirt Septic, we know these systems.  We work on them daily.  Every type, every brand.  We speak the language and we deal with the regulatory authorities daily.  If you need a well and septic inspection, we would recommend making only one call to a specialist in the industry who can not only identify problems and accurately define solutions, but also, in many cases, remedy problems while performing the inspections.  Property owners can have confidence that our inspections are accurate, thorough and often less expensive because of the resources we bring to the inspection.

Give us a call or contact us today.  We can make well and septic inspections quick and easy.